“Challenge Your Child”


Children need to be challenged. Greatness in anything cannot be reached without embracing challenges. Similar to repping a right-handed step down or a right to left split dodge, your child needs to rep embracing challenges. Unfortunately, children are allowed to evade challenges all the time which leads to a total degeneration of the level of competition a child can reach.

Challenging an athlete is the test that separates winners from losers. A young athlete who can embrace a challenge without immediately looking for the reward, will always win more than they will lose. The opposite is also true; if the young athlete embraces a challenge only for the instant reward, or evades the challenge altogether, he or she will lose more than they will win.

All parents want to raise winners, and all kids want to win, so it is very important to get positive repetition when it comes to challenges.

Challenges come in all different shapes, sizes, and circumstances. Before reacting in defense of your child, ask yourself “how can I teach my son or daughter to turn this situation into a positive?”  Whether the situation deals with a coach, teacher, kid, or club program, you’re dealing with people and things are bound to get miscommunicated, misunderstood, and blown out of proportion.  It is essential to the development of your child that he or she learns at an early age that challenges are productive, healthy, and will be around every corner of life, no matter their age or walk of life.

Challenge your child to get out of their comfort zone and evaluate them solely on how well they embrace the challenge without looking for the instant reward.